Am I Clingy

You could be defined as clingy if you want to spend more time with your chick than what she wants to give. Often if you are a clingy type of guy, its best to hook up with a clingy girl, that way you can both satisfy each others desires and its when the two are mismatched that one party or the other is defined as being “To Clingy”.

Unfortunately if you can’t easily snap out of your behavior its easy to feel rejected by your partner, even though from their point of view they may not be rejecting you at all.

If you really like the person that you are involved with you are going to need to modify and adapt your behavior and give them at least the appearance that you are cool with stuff.. otherwise I hate to tell you this, but they are going to get annoyed with you and reject you.

Good luck to you and try not to be too clingy ok!

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