Needy Men Should Keep A Journal

Its good to keep a journal if you are inclined to have needy thoughts and behaviours. That way you have an outlet for them and instead of unleashing them on your poor unsuspecting partner you can write them down and even take a bit of time to examine the feelings that you are having.

Over time you can look back and often as you begin to come out of your needy phase you will look back and think how strange you may have sounded back in the past.

Remember if you are a little obsessed with a woman and think she is that one in a million – there are so many more one in a millions out there that its impossible to count them all. She may not even be the right one for you so just realize that and move things along.

Update your journal at least once a week and give your relationships, life and general well beings a rating out of ten each time. Watch and work on your self improval over time.

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