Getting Back the Balance – Changing Needy Behavior

So once you decide to change your behavior you may find that you have a lot of ground to recover and its best to take it slowly or you could shoot yourself in the foot. By this I mean if you suddenly start acting the complete opposite of how you were before then the chick in your life is going to wonder what the hell is going on.

If you have been acting clingy and needy you have unfortunately transferred most of the “power” to your partner, they have you at their beck and call and you need to start clawing it back, a little at a time until you are back on an equal footing again, or even better have a little more power yourself.

You need to start by instead of jumping every time they want to do something, become a little busier doing your own things. Try turning them down every now and then and watch them squirm as they try to understand why they suddenly start feeling like they do. Don’t turn them down all the time or you will not have a girlfriend anymore.

Women are complex and strange creatures that often thrive on a challenge, so make yourself a little bit of a challenge to be with, and suddenly you will find things will change in your relationships and be better for all involved.

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