Needy Girls

Although this website has always been primarily about Needy Men the fact is that there are a lot of Needy Girls out there as well. Often the only reason one sex may even perceive the other as “Needy” is simply because of an imbalance of neediness between the couple. A perfect relationship can sometimes be formed between two needy people as they understand each other and will seek to constantly reassure as that’s what they want from a relationship themselves.

The main traits of Needy Girls include..

Lack of trust
A needy girl is often an untrusting one, sometimes because of past boyfriends or husbands that have been unfaithful, and sometimes for no reason at all. If you are with a Needy Girl, expect to always be explaining yourself.

Insecurity that requires constant reassurance of the relationship
A Needy Girl will often require a lot of reassurance that the relationship is fine, and everything is ok. A more confident member of the female species will often just assume that everything is great until they are told different.


Along with the lack of trust can come jealousy, if you are not spending every spare minute of your time with Miss Needy, she will probably assume you are up to no good. Jealousy can also be directed at time that you spend with friends and family – time that could be spent with her.

Females are to say the least a very complex species, and it’s not as clear as with a Male, however you will know the Needy Girl if you happen to cross paths and form a relationship. Who knows however, if you are a Needy Man it could be a match made in Heaven!

Do you have a story about a Needy Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Please feel free to share by way of a comment on our site and we will publish your story.

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