Whipped Men

Being a man has never been this difficult.. for those of us that dodge being needy there is also the urge to not be one of those “Whipped Men”.

If you find yourself running after the woman in your life to answer her every whim, and are the guy that won’t have a night out with his friends for fear of the wrath of “her that must be obeyed” then I am sorry to tell you… but you are Whipped!

Whipped men do everything the woman in their life tells them, keep her happy at all costs even if it makes them unhappy. Above all they have lost the balance of power and have become needy by ways of giving in to the stronger partner.

Every relationship should be on an even standing, if you find yourself explaining yourself and making excuses to your guy friends as to why you can’t hang out with them, you should watch this video!

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