First Date Tips For Needy Men

Well there is nothing worse that first date nerves for a needy man that is floundering along in single life. He sees his opportunity to find the next woman whom he can overwhelm with the more than adequate loving he has to share.

In an effort to save this poor man, and unsuspecting lady from a terrible and traumatic experience here are some quick tips for our needy friend to follow.

Before the date tips for the Needy Man

More is less – Don’t overwhelm the poor girl before you have even been on a date. Try to find a balance between acting interested and being aloof. Somewhere in the middle of the two is the sweet spot.

Make decisions – You are the man remember, make a suggestion of where to go and make it somewhere good. A woman does not want some wishy washy guy that doesn’t know where to take a lady.

On the Date Tips

Confidence – If you don’t feel confident at least try to pretend you are confident. Remember that perception is reality and no woman wants to be with a guy who is not confident. Trust me on that.

Pay the bill – I know in the modern world with equality between sexes and all that, disregard it all completely. Man up and pay for everything without question. Be firm about it.

After the Date

At the end of the date you can be in awkward territory, this is where you need to look to your intuition and the signals the girl is giving to you as to whether to try to ramp things up a notch, or cut your losses and get the hell out of there.

After date contact

– Listen to this, an absolutely key point that will help you. If you like the lady by all means send her a text and say how you enjoyed the date and would be great to catch up again some time. Thats it. Just one. You really need to grasp this concept and that means not following it up with another text saying did you get my first text. Instant strike out. Just send one and if she likes you, if she wants to see you again she will make sure it happens. Don’t be that guy that keeps texting and calling. Just don’t!

Well hopefully you are now armed with a few tips and tricks that will help you and aid your dating as a no longer needy man. Good luck and if you have any questions, or war stories to share please leave us a comment.

Published by Jack Raverton

After two marriages and a number of relationships with all manner of woman Jack has seen a lot of different things over the last few years. Jack recognizes that neediness can be a huge turn off in any relationship, so shares how not to be that needy guy, and also how to recognize the signs in others.

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