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When it comes to relationships, neediness can and often does ruin everything.

In fact, being a little too needy even prevents relationships from starting in the first place.

Chances are high that you’ve dealt with such situations in the past.

Perhaps a woman showed mutual interest in you, but you came across as needy, which shoved you into the “Just Friends” category.

Not everyone considers a needy woman a problem, but the opposite is true for needy men, and there are certain steps you can take to avoid problems.

Here’s some advice and tips for how to show a girl you are interested in her, without sounding needy or pushy:

Showing Interest Without Showing TOO MUCH Interest

Before getting a girl’s number or taking her out, you have to show some interest in her.

Of course, human beings can’t always sense the feelings of others, so you have to take some initiative.

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You could invite her out to do something that you’re both interested in.

You could simply try to spend more time with her apart from other human beings.

However, it’s important to show basic interest at first without piling it on or becoming pushy.

If she says “No” or hesitates about your advances, then don’t push the issue any further.

Similarly, back off if she seems interested in the idea but not at that exact moment.

An Important Note About “No”

When a woman pushes back against your advances, there are two ways to respond.

Firstly, you can keep pushing your interest in that woman, coming across as needy and annoying.

You can otherwise back off and perhaps give up or try again sometime down the road.

The latter option is always the smartest option because a woman’s interest in you won’t increase by bombarding her with date requests or invitations.

If you just met, then perhaps she’ll show interest later, but don’t ruin that possibility by pushing the issue now.

Stop Talking To Her Every Second Of The Day!

Say that a cute and interesting girl has given you her number without a second thought.

She’s showing as much interest as you are, and you immediately get the urge to text or call her frequently.

Well, you shouldn’t do that because no two human beings need to speak every moment of every day.

Even married couples spend some time apart throughout the day, so take a cue from married life.

You immediately come across as needy, not to mention creepy, with constant texts and calls.

Give her some breathing room!

Hey, why are some of us needy, anyways?

Every human being requires a different level of attention from our family members, friends, and love interests.

Likewise, each person’s tolerance for neediness stands at a different level.

You might not think of yourself as needy, but other people might want to hand you a trophy for neediness.

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We have to be self-aware to some degree and gauge what another individual’s tolerance for neediness is, or problems could soon develop, especially in relationships or potential relationships with women.

In Early Dating Stages, Don’t Forget About Buffer Periods!

Sometimes, we need a break from the people in our lives, even if it’s a short break.

Say you’re dating a woman and going out with her every few days or each week.

You should take the time in between those dates and treat such time as a buffer period.

During a buffer period, you shouldn’t inundate a woman with calls or texts.

You don’t have to see a potential girlfriend every day of the week. The chances are, that if you do, she’ll find you needy beyond belief.

Relax during those buffer periods, and you won’t seem needy.

Neediness: Always A Negative Trait For Men, Don’t Forget It!

In the end, nothing is worse than coming across as needy, especially as a man.

You’re not going to win over many girls by showing a penchant for neediness.

That’s even more true if you haven’t been dating this woman for long, or even at all.

As you’re courting a woman and before the relationship develops, you need to dial down your tendency to be needy.

Don’t try rush into things. Don’t try to push her into a date or harass her with frequent attempts to make conversation.

For better results, slow down, relax, and take things slowly.

You might feel the need for tons of attention from a potential girlfriend, but that’s the exact need that could make a potential girlfriend become a friend, or someone that can’t stand you!


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Published by Jack Raverton

After two marriages and a number of relationships with all manner of woman Jack has seen a lot of different things over the last few years. Jack recognizes that neediness can be a huge turn off in any relationship, so shares how not to be that needy guy, and also how to recognize the signs in others.

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