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Men often tend to be pretty clueless about what women want.

So when it comes to looking more attractive to them, men are frequently stumped.

Many choose the easy answer: going to the gym. After all, a buff physique is a sign of masculinity, isn’t it?

Shouldn’t that get the girls throwing themselves at you – it certainly works in all the men in television ads!

The truth is, an irresistible physique never hurts when it comes to getting the girl of your dreams, but isn’t always the determining factor.

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Science says women look for physically fit men because this indicates good health – always a plus in the mating market.

Moreover, higher testosterone levels are linked with a stronger immune system, an important factor when you consider survival from an evolutionary perspective.

But the truth is, beefed up muscles and and a great physique isn’t all that will win you the ladies.

Women today are looking beneath the surface when it comes to selecting the right partner.

So for all you baffled men out there, listen up!

Masculinity is more than just appearance.

So even if your cheekbones don’t cut glass, you still have a strong chance of winning your woman if you genuinely exhibit certain masculine characteristics – and we aren’t talking muscles.

Women are usually great believers in what a man is really like, so try letting your compassionate side out every once in a while.

What women consider masculine:

1. Confidence:

And we don’t mean cockiness. A simple self-assurance of yourself is enough.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and let this show through your actions instead of your words.

2. Responsibility:

If you are looking to date a woman, you need to be a man. Take charge of your life and decisions.

So if you are a 30 year old man living in your parent’s basement working at the local theater – you clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word.

3. Purpose and Direction:

Once you take the reins of life into your hands, here comes the next step – purpose.

Keep an aim and try to achieve it as best you can.

Work towards it with unfaltering dedication, and you will automatically up your market value when it comes to women.

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3. Courage:

There is no doubt that courage is one of the biggest signs of masculinity.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go fight the Great White Shark with your bare hands, but rather that you have the ability to be yourself and make the right decision at all times.

It doesn’t matter if people will laugh, or if someone makes fun of you – so long as you are confident, you will also be courageous.

4. Empathy:

While this should be a sign of humanity as a whole, this is definitely something women find attractive in men.

When a man is able to go out of his way to do something nice, it gets a woman going like nothing else.

This could be giving your pizza away to the hungry homeless man, or perhaps helping an old woman cross the street.

In a woman’s book, a caring, empathetic man is a masculine man.

5. Good Listener:

Every woman loves a man she can share her day with.

She wants to make him a part of her life rather than just being a part of his, so being a good listener is important.

She is looking to share all the important little bits of her day, no matter how mundane they sound.

Whether it is the new fax machine they got in the office, or the sweet letter she received from a friend, it’s all important to her.

If a man isn’t a good listener, all these little bits of information will simply remain unspoken and will ultimately hamper communication.

6. Honesty:

Let’s get something straight – dishonesty is not attractive. Every woman loves a man who is honest with her.

After all, any woman worth her salt will walk away the moment she senses BS sprouting from a man’s mouth.

Truthfulness, on the other hand, is an extremely attractive masculine characteristic in a woman’s book.

7. Humor:

A man who can make a woman laugh can win her heart forever.

A smart, funny, caring, and reliable man is a woman’s kryptonite.

This is the man more likely to get the girls than the buff man looking to show off his abs.

A woman’s definition of masculine is very different from a man’s perspective, so rather than just aiming at physical fitness, look to developing your inner self.

While not every woman wants the same things, above is a list of common characteristics that almost all woman are on the lookout for.

So you can stop scratching your head now – women aren’t all that complicated!


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