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It’s no secret that women love beards, but which ones? That is the question.

After all, just any style won’t do, and there are so many ways to get it wrong.

Many men fail to tap into their full potential simply because they have the wrong facial hair.

While some hear the word ‘beard’ and decide to go-all out ape-style, others maintain a clean-shaven look.

If you’re among those men who just don’t get what’s attractive to women, here’s your guide.

There are so many game changing styles you can try. Get it wrong though and your hidden potential will remain that way.

When selecting your very own beard, make sure that:

  • It’s not too much maintenance
  • It highlight’s your facial structure
  • It doesn’t become a little jungle

No woman wants a man whose beard could double up as a nest.

Always ensure that no matter what your cut, it remains well-groomed.

There are multiple styles you could try out to see which one works best.

1. The Stubble:

This is undoubtedly the safest look ever.

Most women would agree that light stubble is sexy and attractive.

After all, the clean shaven look may leave you with a baby-face, the light shave ensures that you aren’t sporting a mangled mess.

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To accentuate the stubbled appearance, you can also contrast it with a clean shaven neck.

And just like that, watch yourself transform into a rough, sexy, yet neat looking guy.

And the best part – this look flies everywhere, even in the strictest workplace!

2. The Full Beard:

Now this may sound like a great excuse for working up that little utterly confusing jungle of yours, but it isn’t.

We aren’t talking ‘No Shave November’ here, but rather a neat looking, well groomed, full beard.

Image Credit

So it’s not as easy as just avoiding to shave – there is plenty that goes into it.

It can be of different lengths, but shorter is more advisable.

Not only will this be easier to manage, but also more attractive.

And the best part – grooming it right can make your face look sharper and more defined, allowing you to tap into that hidden potential we mentioned earlier.

3. The Light Beard:

This is the mid-way point between the stubble and the full beard, and it is perfect for the suit-and-tie occasions as well as for sporting a casual tee.

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Women find the rough and rugged look it imparts irresistible.

Men absolutely enjoy the easy maintenance of this type of beard.

Just to give you a little extra variety, you can always switch between the stubble and light beard.

4. The Goatee and ‘Stache:

Now if you’re looking for something a little more minimal, this has proved an extremely popular facial hair style.

It looks suave and elegant, sure to attract those women.

Moreover, it is also ideal for men with feminine jawlines – after all, these are the guys who have it the hardest.

Image Credit

Where nothing else goes, this might just be the key.

So for all those guys out there who feel like a stubble just doesn’t cut it, try the goatee and mustache.

It elongates the face, giving off a more rugged vibe.

However, it all depends on how you wear it.

5. The Chinstrap:

This is the quintessential ‘douchebag’ beard.

A simple line highlighting the jawline, it definitely doesn’t work for all.

And if you’re wondering how it fares with women, that’s debatable as well!

While some would go head over heels for it, there are others who would simply steer clear.

Image Credit

These are just a few of the popular styles out there – there are plenty more to experiment with.

Finding your ideal beard is a trial and error process, so don’t be afraid to try out different styles before settling on one.

Moreover, change is crucial to maintain a sense of adventure as well.

But if you’re wondering which one of these beards women find most attractive, that’s where the answers get a little complicated.

The stubble emerges as a strong contestant, but women tend to have varying preferences – just as all men don’t love the exact same beard.

While that 5 O’clock shadow might be a safe bet, something else might look even better on you – upping your sexiness appeal by a thousand.

However, if you’re still searching for the beard style that has most women tumbling over doe-eyed in love..

It’s clearly the rugged and masculine stubble that emerges a winner!


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