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Why Women Find Bad Boys Irresistible

The confusing and seemingly self defeating phenomenon of women choosing bad boys and ignoring the normal (‘nice’) guys happens everywhere.

We see it in the relationships of people in our lives, in college, in books and even in movies.

Bad boys are all over the place, in all shapes and sizes-oozing with unmatched sex appeal.

bad boys
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Bad Boys Are Confident And Know How To Talk To Women

Bad boys brim with unbridled confidence which helps them get away with almost anything.

They are not only confident around their friends-their cocky attitude is evident in everything they do from ordering a glass of wine to eating their breakfast cereal.

Their confidence is a major turn on for women.

This confidence also makes the bad boys less self-conscious.

Where a normal guy would pass up talking to a woman because they consider themselves not good enough, a bad boy will readily rise to the challenge.

Bad boys are women magnets because they like to keep women guessing, are risk-takers and like exploring the wild side of life.

The combination of adventure, intrigue and excitement is a mind-blowing cocktail for women.

The confidence of bad boys makes talking to women a piece of cake.

With the woman’s interest already sparked, conversation is just the way to reel them in. They know how to say just what the women want to hear.

They utilize their excellent conversational skills to keep women hanging on to their every word.

Bad boys simply do not care, and apply a take-it-or-leave-it approach to most dating situations.

If a woman declines their advances they move on to the next one with the same gusto and devil-may-care attitude.

They are indifferent and do not obsess about being ‘Mr. Right’.

If a woman turns them down, unlike normal guys, their confidence is not crushed.

They Are Challenging and Mysterious

Women do not like men who are pushovers.

They also dislike men who they can see coming from a mile away.

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Contrary to the common perception that women prefer men they can read like a book and who provide a sense of security, women actually love guessing.

This is more challenging for them, and it is one of the chief reasons that keeps them hooked to the bad boy and makes them keep coming back for more.

Some women will also be attracted by the challenge of converting the bad boy into a supporting, sensitive and loving man.

However, most women find that such attempts normally end up in tears for them.

They Are Very Masculine

This is a corollary to being exciting, confident indifferent and adventurous.

Bad boys often cultivate a demeanor of being tough and in-control.

This is not the same as being controlling, it just means they know how to get whatever they want.

They talk confidently and clearly, look at people in the eye, are passionate about their beliefs and-most importantly, they know how to treat a woman.

Bad Boys Provide Women With A Feeling Of Power

The illusion or impression of control that being in a relationship with a bad boy gives to a woman is powerful and addictive.

This relationship gives the woman an air of togetherness and strength.

In essence the cocky, confident image of the bad boy rubs off a little on the woman-and she cannot help lapping it all up.

In Conclusion

The attraction of women to bad boys has been extensively researched by sociologists, psychologists and relationship experts.

Some studies even suggest that there are women who, due to their background and childhood experiences, have an especially high affinity for bad boys.

Examples include women whose fathers were wild and rebellious (who think the bad boys will impress their daddy) or whose fathers neglected their needs and they want to ease their childhood pain.

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Other examples include women with low self-esteem issues who feel they are unworthy of a normal guy.

Most studies reveal that as women grow older they become stronger and their goals become clearer.

They are still attracted to the bad boys but having a more purposeful relationship with a reliable mate becomes a greater priority.

The bad boys with their undoubted magnetism simply become not worth it anymore.

For many women, a certain level of maturity is needed to reach such a decision, and this only happens when the right guy appears in a woman’s life.

Having dated bad boys before makes a woman appreciate him more.

Women revel in the devotion and loving gestures and in the end, the good (normal) guy wins.

Published by Jack Raverton

After two marriages and a number of relationships with all manner of woman Jack has seen a lot of different things over the last few years. Jack recognizes that neediness can be a huge turn off in any relationship, so shares how not to be that needy guy, and also how to recognize the signs in others.

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