Do Women Like Hairy Chests? You Should Know This

It’s amazing what women will talk about when you ask them a question.

For example, the old “Does size matter?” question has been bandied about for years with no seeming final conclusion, but when it comes to another question, “Do women like hairy chests?” there seems to be even more discussion.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of chest hair, women are equally split.

While some women love to run their fingers through all of that luscious hair on a man’s chest, others can’t stand the thought of it.

There is, however, considerable discussion too on how much body hair is acceptable and how much is not.

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A lot of this is simply a matter of personal taste, but if there is a good general answer, it would be, whether you have a lot of chest hair or only a little, women like it only when it is well groomed.

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Do Women Like Hairy Chests?

According to a poll on, an overwhelming 76 percent of the women asked said that they like hair on a man’s chest.

It seems obvious that when they say this they aren’t referring to enough hair to comb and use styling products on.

They are, however, talking about enough to run their fingers through. Interestingly, only 34 percent of the women polled said that they liked men who had their entire front–chest and abdominals–covered with hair.

Further, 85 percent said that they liked to see a tiger line, that line of hair that leads from the chest area down to hither regions.

Hair On The Rest of the Body

An amazing 95 percent of women thought it was odd when a man did not have hair on his chest. It didn’t mean that they expected rows of flowing locks over his chest, but just enough that they could see that hair was probably in places where they couldn’t see.

This included armpits, legs and other areas.

The truth is that women expect men to have hair on their bodies, just not so much that they look like members of the ape species. And although they do expect to see some hair, most women expect to also see some skin as well.

But whether a guy has some hair, or a lot of hair, there is hope, since 14 percent of women say they have a fetish for very hairy men.

Another thing that most women seem to think is a little strange is when a man shaves his chest hair, but allows it to grow on his legs. It’s for this reason that if a man elects to shave his chest, he should determine to shave his legs as well.

Another region of a man’s body that is almost always listed as hairy and of interest to women is the pubic region. The problem with having a chest without hair is allowing public hair to grow uncontrolled. And although most men like to see a woman who has had her bush neatly trimmed, when it comes to them, nobody is allowed down there with anything resembling a razor.

By contrast, 86 percent of women like to see a man whose pubic region displays some semblance of order. In fact, six percent of women say that they would like the opportunity to tend to a man in their pubic hair department. Perhaps a word of advice in this area is in order: Guys, if she’s going to have to look at it, be good enough to maintain it.

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The Flip Side

Another extension of talking with women about their interest in chest hair is the flip side of things, or what chest hair loving women think about hair on a guy’s back and butt. Although as we have seen that an overwhelming majority of women like chest hair on a man, when it comes to back hair, 93 percent of them say no.

And not only no, but absolutely not. A stray hair or two, or maybe a patch here and there might be acceptable, but when a guy takes off his shirt and everyone thinks that he is still wearing a sweater, women don’t approve.

Having hairy bodies is just part of being a man. That’s easy to understand, but when it comes to excess hair, it is both not highly thought of as well as too easy to get rid of to allow it to remain.

What do you think about chest hair?

Published by Jack Raverton

After two marriages and a number of relationships with all manner of woman Jack has seen a lot of different things over the last few years. Jack recognizes that neediness can be a huge turn off in any relationship, so shares how not to be that needy guy, and also how to recognize the signs in others.

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