How Do you Handle a Woman on her Period? Proven Tips and Advice

Do you struggle to understand and relate to your girlfriend or wife when she is on her period?

Some woman become possessed with an evil kind of demon when they have their special monthly time.

A lethal mix of hormones, a lack of blood and an amazing absence of reason and logic combine to create the perfect monster.

Why do woman lose the plot when they have their period?

To understand why exactly a percentage of women get so moody when they are on their period we need to take a little journey into the world of estrogen.

Estrogen causes a happy mood and also increases serotonin and endorphins.

Once the female body realizes pregnancy is not going to happen the amounts of estrogen in the body decrease. When estrogen decreases the other chemicals like serotonin decrease as well causing a downward spiral of happiness.

The woman goes from feeling pretty damn good, to pretty shitty within a couple of days.

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Techniques to tame the wild beast that used to be your girlfriend or wife

This needs to come with some kind of disclaimer.

Use these techniques at your own risk.

Don’t take things personally

Unfortunately right now she probably really does hate you with a passion. Her heightened senses will find your smell, your voice and even your mere presence intensely annoying.

The wonderful species we know as women will go through a roller coaster cycle of sadness, anger, sadness, anger until the damn finally bursts into a pool of frustrated and angry tears.

She will question her decision to be with you. Her career will be under the microscope – everything in her life will seem like a result of a bad decision.

A lot of the things that are wrong in her life will be….. yep your fault.

Amazingly like some kind of miracle in just a day or two this all would have passed.

Have faith young padawan – the sun will shine again.

Let her eat whatever she wants

You have probably heard the saying “pick your battles”. Well listen up fellas, when she says she wants ice-cream, chocolate or a big cheesy crust of pizza just be an enabler.

Go buy it for her and then stay the hell out of her way.

Image: flickr
Image: flickr

Don’t mention the P word

It is time for a reality check here…

You know it is her period making her into a Wildebeest. Chances are so does she.

Pointing out that her shitty attitude and unfortunate view on life are related to her period right now… not a smart idea. Imagine a decent young man holding a fully loaded revolver to his head and then pulling the trigger – that is about as smart as pointing out that a ladies aggressive behavior and irritability are related to PMS.

Listen, don’t talk

Even at the best of times the fairer species are not very keen on us menfolk solving their problems with helpful and logical solutions.

Well multiply that trait by ten and you will begin to come to terms with how very little they want to listen to, or implement your thoughtful suggestions right now.

They want you to listen, to nod in agreement and give only the feedback that they will be leading you to. Don’t make the mistake of bringing up your bright ideas right now, they are simply not wanted.

Be a shoulder for her to cry on.

Final thoughts

What may normally be a happy cheerful person is probably feeling extremely down right now. She may feel not only tired and irritable but also depressed and insecure.

She will feel inadequate, non attractive and have low self esteem all as a result of the hormonal imbalances in her body.

She will go on and on and on and on at you.

Gentleman you have a tough time ahead of you – and it will keep happening ever few weeks like a non stop tour of duty to enemy lands for the term of your relationship.

Please share your period rage stories, and any other suggestions with us.

How to Handle a Beautiful Girlfriend Without Appearing Needy

Every man’s dream is to have a beautiful girlfriend or wife.

But is it worth it?

Often the most beautiful members of the female species come with a price.

How to Handle Other Guys Hitting on your Girlfriend

Here’s the thing..

If other guys are hitting on your girl when you are around, imagine what it’s like when your not around.

Well other than joining a religion that covers females up from head to toe (now we get it), there is not much you can do except:

  • Ignore guys hitting on your girlfriend
  • Challenge guys hitting on your girl
  • Ask your girlfriend to deal with it
  • Leave your girlfriend
Image: flickr
Image: flickr


It is natural to feel jealousy when every guy out there seems to want to stare at your girlfriend and rape her with their eyes.

However and here is the key. Don’t show it! Nothing is more attractive to a woman than a mans indifference. It will drive her wild.

Your self confidence (even if only imagined) will be irresistible to her.


There are two things that turn woman off more than anything else.


And… dirty fingernails.

Now listen up, the best thing is that both of these things you can do something about.

If you have a gorgeous girlfriend, of course you are going to want to know where she is and what she is doing. Who wouldn’t right?

The problem is that this kind of needy behavior will ensure that all your fears come true. A self fulfilling prophecy if you will.

So what are you to do? You need to embrace the word indifference. Nothing drives a woman more wild than the niggling thought that a guy is not completely besotted with her.


You are probably starting to get it now, but of course the hardest thing is to enact what you know you need to do.

You realize that you must not act needy, or jealous. You are aware that every-time you do, a little bit of the love and attraction she feels for you slips away.

Remember this, it doesn’t matter what you think or feel inside. The only way anyone knows that you are not an alpha stud is if you display the actions that an alpha stud would not do.

It’s going to be the hardest thing you have ever done, to change your way of thinking.

But it will also help you achieve what other lesser men only dream of.

The love of a beautiful woman.

Get to work, retrain the brain.

Sense of Humor Vs Good Looks – What Do Women Want?

If you are a man who is looking for a woman, it would be best to hone your sense of humor.

Although losing a few pounds and pressing some weights wouldn’t hurt either, according to a recent study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine and published recently in the journal Social Neuroscience.

According to the findings of the study, women’s brains showed superior activity than men when reacting in the reward-related areas of the brain when responding to a joke. This was the result when scientists showed 22 women and men, ages 6 to 13. These responses were to videos of people falling over and animals performing tricks.

The test subjects were also shown videos that were considered positive but not funny (dancers and snowboarders) as well as those that would be described as neutral (nature and children riding bikes).

Image: flickr
Image: flickr

What About Good Looks? Are Good Looks Important?

After the question of humor, scientists went on to review what the same women looked for in the looks of a man. They found that although a man’s looks were important, they still preferred a man who could make them laugh over a man who was less able to do that.

According to a March 2015 study conducted by Men’s Health magazine, not only was sense of humor again the most important trait that women look for in a man, but there were several other traits that women look for even before they considered judging a man by his appearance. These include the following traits, both physical and emotional:


84 percent, Faithfulness. If a man wants to appeal to a woman, he needs to prove that he will be faithful to her. Women have a tendency toward attachment, a biological necessity, a matter of raising children right.

75 percent. Dependability. Three fourths of women say that they want a man who does what he says he will do. Even in the little things like picking up that loaf of bread on the way home is important to women.

67 percent. Kindness. Women might swoon over the bad boy types in the movies, but when it comes to real life, women like kindness. It also inspires confidence in him. Said another way, she knows that the way a man treats others is the way he will treat her.

23 percent. Help with the household. A woman doesn’t expect her man to be her mother, but when it comes to the household, she wants a man who won’t leave all the household chores to her. Said another way, help with making the bed, learn to make a few meals, and help with the dishes will go a long way.

21 percent. Earning potential. If you want a woman to be attracted to you, be successful in your career. Demonstrate goal achievement, talent, and follow-through, and you will appear to be a good provider.

Image: flickr
Image: flickr


30 percent. Style. The way a man dresses reflects on a woman. She knows this and she thrives on it. Keep your tailor and dry cleaner on speed dial, and she’s notice.

26 percent. Handsome face. Is your face symmetrical? Do your ears and eyes match up? The more they align to each other, the more attractive she will find a man. Bottom line: smile more, but keep your hair trimmed.

15 percent. Tall, dark, and handsome
isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, but women like it when a man is taller than she is.

13 percent. Muscular build. Try spending a little more time standing in front of the bathroom mirror and not the gym mirror. Women who value a clean-shaven man outnumber any other by nearly three to one. Having a muscular build will ensure that you don’t drop her during a dip.

12 percent. Fitness. Women as well as other men, recognize that a fit body is indicative of a man who is self-disciplined and who has self-control. Being fit also tells a woman that she can count on her man, out of the bed as well as in.

Bottom line: having a sense of humor trumps being a looker any day, but staying in shape means a lot too. Staying a little longer at the gym helps, but it might also do well to buy a copy of a good book on humor.

Do Women Like Hairy Chests? You Should Know This

It’s amazing what women will talk about when you ask them a question.

For example, the old “Does size matter?” question has been bandied about for years with no seeming final conclusion, but when it comes to another question, “Do women like hairy chests?” there seems to be even more discussion.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of chest hair, women are equally split.

While some women love to run their fingers through all of that luscious hair on a man’s chest, others can’t stand the thought of it.

There is, however, considerable discussion too on how much body hair is acceptable and how much is not.

Image Credit
Image Credit

A lot of this is simply a matter of personal taste, but if there is a good general answer, it would be, whether you have a lot of chest hair or only a little, women like it only when it is well groomed.

For the longer answer keep reading..

Do Women Like Hairy Chests?

According to a poll on, an overwhelming 76 percent of the women asked said that they like hair on a man’s chest.

It seems obvious that when they say this they aren’t referring to enough hair to comb and use styling products on.

They are, however, talking about enough to run their fingers through. Interestingly, only 34 percent of the women polled said that they liked men who had their entire front–chest and abdominals–covered with hair.

Further, 85 percent said that they liked to see a tiger line, that line of hair that leads from the chest area down to hither regions.

Hair On The Rest of the Body

An amazing 95 percent of women thought it was odd when a man did not have hair on his chest. It didn’t mean that they expected rows of flowing locks over his chest, but just enough that they could see that hair was probably in places where they couldn’t see.

This included armpits, legs and other areas.

The truth is that women expect men to have hair on their bodies, just not so much that they look like members of the ape species. And although they do expect to see some hair, most women expect to also see some skin as well.

But whether a guy has some hair, or a lot of hair, there is hope, since 14 percent of women say they have a fetish for very hairy men.

Another thing that most women seem to think is a little strange is when a man shaves his chest hair, but allows it to grow on his legs. It’s for this reason that if a man elects to shave his chest, he should determine to shave his legs as well.

Another region of a man’s body that is almost always listed as hairy and of interest to women is the pubic region. The problem with having a chest without hair is allowing public hair to grow uncontrolled. And although most men like to see a woman who has had her bush neatly trimmed, when it comes to them, nobody is allowed down there with anything resembling a razor.

By contrast, 86 percent of women like to see a man whose pubic region displays some semblance of order. In fact, six percent of women say that they would like the opportunity to tend to a man in their pubic hair department. Perhaps a word of advice in this area is in order: Guys, if she’s going to have to look at it, be good enough to maintain it.

Image Credit
Image Credit

The Flip Side

Another extension of talking with women about their interest in chest hair is the flip side of things, or what chest hair loving women think about hair on a guy’s back and butt. Although as we have seen that an overwhelming majority of women like chest hair on a man, when it comes to back hair, 93 percent of them say no.

And not only no, but absolutely not. A stray hair or two, or maybe a patch here and there might be acceptable, but when a guy takes off his shirt and everyone thinks that he is still wearing a sweater, women don’t approve.

Having hairy bodies is just part of being a man. That’s easy to understand, but when it comes to excess hair, it is both not highly thought of as well as too easy to get rid of to allow it to remain.

What do you think about chest hair?

How to Spot the Liar on Dating Websites

Love – it’s a tricky business, isn’t it? It’s everywhere, and yet it’s rare – so it’s no wonder that people are trying innovative ways to get their hands on it.

With the increasing digitization of the modern world, many are turning to the internet for everything.

From grocery shopping to finding a match, cyberspace has a solution for it all. But this comes with it’s own set of drawbacks. After all, a world where it’s easy to be anyone you want is a fraudster’s playground!

So in order to give you a fair shot at ‘love’ here are some things to keep in mind when looking for your perfect match on your app or website:

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Image Credit

1. Pinocchio Problems:

For starters, remember that 81% of people lie – especially on their dating profile (if not more)! All this means is that you shouldn’t be a fool in love from the very beginning. Take whatever your match says with a pinch of salt, and don’t be afraid to double-check it.

Also, remember to run your own background checks – so surf through their Facebook profile, google search their name, and go that extra mile to verify the truth. It’s not stalking if it’s a matter of safety.

2. Information ‘Under’-load:

If you google a potential match and nothing shows up, it’s time to raise the red flag.

This is simple because if this match is like a ghost on the internet, yet you’re meeting online – something doesn’t quite add up.

Either the name is a fib in itself, or perhaps you’re truly matched with a ghost.

Since the latter is less likely to be true, it’s best to excuse yourself and look for other, more ‘real’ candidates!

3. Old Photos:

This is actually a pretty common lie adopted by many, especially since everyone wants to look better and be more attractive. Consequently, you will frequently find men who claim to be wealthier and women who claim to be younger – and the best way to stand by this is through using old or edited pictures!

In order to figure out how old an image is, just surf through their Facebook or put that picture into Google Image Search, and the answer will present itself. And if there are no results, you could always ask this potential match for the truth.

Any genuine man or woman would be straightforward and honest. If not, you better keep looking.

So now that you know how to spot the most basic liars, how do you weed out the really good ones?

After all, not all 81% of the liars create a see-through fib. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to fake your identity online than in person.

With no way to observe their facial expressions or body language, it’s now time to take a good hard look at your match’s language:

Image Credit
Image Credit

4. Short Bios:

Research has shown that liars tend to keep things short. The less they spill, the less likely they are to weave a complex web of lies (and therefore get caught)! So if you see an unusually short bio, just keep a lookout for some of these other signs as well.

5. Lesser Personal Pronouns:

Most liars don’t internalize their lies. Their fake stories are just a cover up to reach their ultimate goal. Now, this could be anything from having a one night stand to stealing your money, so in order to keep yourself safe, observe their language. Liars will tend to avoid using first person pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘we’. This is a great way to distance themselves from the persona they’re projecting, allowing them to lie with ease!

6. Liars Negate:

Linguists have stated that liars will use more negative words such as ‘never’ and ‘not’, even when faced with an alternative. So instead of saying they’re ‘happy’ or ‘relaxed’, they may say they’re ‘not sad’. While this seems simple enough in the moment, a close examination of all those texts together might reveal the ugly truth.

7. More Cheerful:

Online liars are also less likely to admit negative emotions such as sadness or anger. So if you end up with a match too perfect to be true, don’t be hesitant to doubt it, and make sure you cover all bases before the first meeting!

So the next time you search for love online, these are some things to keep you safe. After all, while a liar may create a solid background story, oftentimes it is their own words that will be their undoing!

Needy Men vs. Needy Women, How They Got That Way and How to Deal With Them

Needy people can be among the most difficult aspects of any relationship.

Fortunately, not only is it relatively easy to vet which people are overly needy, and which are less high maintenance, there are ways to understand how to deal with them effectively, without killing them.

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What Makes a Person Needy?

Humans develop their manner of dealing with their significant others based on how they learned to relate to their parents and past romantic partners.

Social scientists refer to the manner that we relate to significant others as our “attachment style.”

Logically, when we learn to recognize the attachment styles of ourselves as well as others,

we can better understand our psychological issues as well as how to deal with them.

Anatomy of Attachment Styles

Attachment styles can be categorized in two dimensions: avoidance of closeness, and fear of abandonment.

Within these two dimensions, people can be classified as either low or high in either of these categories.

These lead to four attachment types: assured, needy, distant, and scared.

Being in a relationship with someone who is needy is usually an emotional nightmare.

By contrast, a relationship with a person who is assured can hold the best prospect of being happy and long-term.

The Assured Man/Woman.

The man or woman who is assured holds little fear of being abandoned and does not avoid closeness.

This type of person does not worry that their significant other will abandon them,

or that others won’t accept them when they express themselves.

Image Credit

This affinity for closeness also leads them to be comfortable leaning on someone else, as well as leading others to be comfortable leaning on them.

When a woman tells the assured man that she is going out for a “girl’s night out,”

he wishes her well simply because he knows that when the evening is over, she will be coming back to him.

The Needy Man/Woman.

Being with the needy man or woman can be very difficult because they live in constant fear that they will be dumped at a moment’s notice.

They will also tend to complain about the degree of closeness that they experience after the relationship has progressed.

Paranoia and jealousy can run rampant in this kind of relationship.

For example, if the man happens to like Porsches and she catches him looking at one across the street, she might complain at him that he is, in fact, ogling the girls.

Being in this kind of relationship can be difficult at best, and a living hell at worst.

If you find yourself in this kind of relationship, it’s best to get out, but if you find yourself stuck,

the best way to deal with it is to constantly reassure the significant other in the relationship

of your commitment to it and to work to establish boundaries within that relationship.

The Distant Man/Woman.

This kind of relationship isn’t difficult, but it does take some getting used to.

The significant other in this kind of relationship isn’t very concerned about being abandoned since they aren’t that crazy about intimacy anyway.

This is the kind of man or woman who might be nice to hook up with,

but when it comes time to establish a relationship, the prospects of any closeness in such a situation aren’t very good.

The distant man or woman has established a high opinion of themselves and doesn’t care what others think of them.

A relationship with such a person can be difficult, but it doesn’t matter to them anyway.

Distant people don’t tend to have a lot of friends, so it’s easy to detect this person before it’s too late.

The Scared Man/Woman.

A scared man or woman lives in constant fear of being abandoned, and, as a result avoids closeness at all costs.

This person might seriously want a relationship, but jealousy keeps them from having one.

Image Credit

Having a successful relationship with a person of this type will take a lot of hard work and assurance that you are here to stay.

Track record will be important to keeping this relationship from going bad.

Faithfulness will go a long way to making this person comfortable with anyone.

Understanding where a person is coming from in a relationship goes a long way towards dealing with their behaviors.

Regardless of the type of person they are, knowing which type they are will lead you to be able to form effective strategies that will let that relationship get to the finish line.


What Kind of Woman Do Needy Men Want? Be Warned

Everybody has times when they’re needy. That’s part of being human and how we deal with life.

The trouble usually starts when someone is needy all of the time.

Not only are they difficult to deal with, but they can suck the life out of you.

Be that as it may, needy men tend to be attracted to a certain kind of woman.

This article is about that type of woman and why needy men are attracted to her.

The Woman who Feeds his Needs.

The needy man needs to be around his woman constantly.

When he’s not around her, he is flooding her with emails and texts about how much he misses her.

Even over short periods of being apart, he lets her know how much he is looking forward to seeing her again.

Image Credit

He’s constantly clinging to her, and although this might be nice and cute for a while at the beginning of a relationship, it can get old quick and grate on on a woman’s nerves.

In saying that though there are women who like this attention and even some who reciprocate these feelings.

Yep needy men love those kind of ladies.

The Woman who Feeds his Presence.

The needy man is around the love of his life, even when he’s not literally around her.

Her social networks are a good example of this outlet.

The needy man is constantly looking at her social networking pages, whatever and how many of them there are.

Even if she is discussing “girl stuff” he wants to be part of the discussion.

Naturally he wants to friend and engage with this woman on all of her social media outlets.

When she feeds this, the bond that he covets grows stronger.

He will be checking all her current friends, and watching over any new male ones with a jealous and irrational glare.

The Woman Feeds his Need to Talk.

A needy man wants to talk to his woman all of the time.

He’s likely to call her several times each day just to check up on her and how her day is going.

Just as is the case with other factors of being a needy man, this might be pleasant at first, but unfortunately, when she feeds this need it often grows until he becomes more and more needy.

Soon, he’s calling her and texting her every hour on the hour.

He needs this reassurance, and when she gives it to him, he just wants it even more.

The Woman who Feeds his Relationship Desires.

If the needy man feels even a glimpse of a reciprocation of his feelings he wants to rush the relationship.

After only a few dates and conversations, he’s making plans for a future together.

Note: This is an excellent sign that he is a needy man.

He’s always in a rush to get things done and wants things to progress as quickly as possible.

He will be urging the relationship to move to the next step.

Some women, quite simply, like this.

And when the needy man senses that she is willing to be rushed, and even thrives on it, he’s found his target.

The Woman who Likes the Sweet-Talking.

A needy man is constantly feeding the good feelings of the woman he is approaching.

He does this, in part, by paying constant compliments to her. Sweet-talking her.

Image Credit

Women like this, of course, but not when it’s coming 24/7. That becomes hard to handle.

Some women, to one degree or another, like this and allow it to continue.

The Woman who Wants to be his Whole World.

Everyone lives in different worlds.

We have our personal world, our social world, our work world, and others.

The trouble usually starts when for the needy man those worlds shrink and disappear, and the needy man makes the object of their desire their whole world.

Not only does the needy man remove themselves from those other worlds, but they expect the woman to do the same with her world.

If the woman is willing to do this or is like him in that she doesn’t have other worlds too, that’s good for him.

Unfortunately when these needs grow, things are likely to get tense, and there will be conflict.

A huge part of this problem is that the needy man becomes drawn to the conflict with the woman.

It’s one more way he can be clingy with her.

If you have gotten this far reading this article, you have probably spent a considerable part of it rolling your eyes and wondering how any woman could tolerate such a man.

The trouble is that many do, but if it doesn’t sound pleasant to you, watch out for these kind of men.

You’ll be happier for it.


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Gaming vs Porn – Which is the Biggest Turnoff to Girls?

To begin with, let’s be fair – All women are different, and this might not be applicable to everyone.

However, if you’re trying to score with your girlfriend or potential partner, there are definitely some turn offs to keep in mind.

Gaming and Porn are the two big ones which can easily flip the switch from hot and steamy to a curt ‘goodnight’.

Even so, depending on your girl’s preferences, you might have to reach a compromise (or not)

to ensure that you keep your nightlife going strong. So why do these two become relationship problems?

There are a number of reasons:

Gamer Trouble

Now we aren’t talking about a little gaming here and there.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you deserve your own independence.

But what becomes an issue is when things get a little out of hand.


Let’s face it, while relationships shouldn’t hinder independence, some together time is a must.

So when something gets in the way of that, there are definitely going to be some fights.

Image Credit

And gaming addiction has the full potential to ensure that you ignore your woman for a little extra playtime – making it a huge turn off for most.


While you’re too busy focusing all your energy on your game, you tend to ignore what’s right beside you – your woman.

And no one likes to feel as though they’re playing second fiddle to anything (especially a game).


If you’re into games that sexualize the female characters, you run a high risk of annoying your partner.

After all, these games are designed to make women appear to be the objects rather than the subjects, making it quite irritating for the self-respecting woman.

Porn Problems

Many women find this to be a huge turn off, while men are left scratching their heads wondering why.

So if this seems to mirror your situation, here are some of the much-needed answers.

Male Gaze:

The most obvious reason for porn being a turn off would be their target audience.

Most of these are created for the men in particular.

By objectifying and sexualizing women and their parts, it hasn’t been made to appeal to the ladies, making it distasteful for many women out there.

Inferiority Complex:

The generous attention paid to the female characters and their bodies becomes the source of an inferiority complex in some.

Despite knowing that much of the stuff you see on the screen might be fake, there are those who feel that men watch it because they’re dissatisfied in their own lives.

Knowing that they can’t live up to the liposuctioned, hour-glass bodies ensures a perpetual feeling of self-loathing, destroying all possibilities of a turn-on.


Building on the above mentioned points, many women have pointed out that porn is downright insulting to a woman.

Image Credit

These videos frequently treat them as objects, more for view and show than as a human being.

So when these encourage such behavior in a relationship, the modern day woman won’t stand for it!


Made for the man, women frequently can’t relate to porn at all.

For example, while there are definitely some delightful exceptions, most videos that feature hot women tend to showcase average-looking men.

Moreover, women in porn make everything look delightful, even things that average women don’t enjoy.

This gives men expectations that their partner might not be willing to fulfill, fueling women’s war against porn.

Personal Choice:

But before you decide one of these might just be it, remember that sometimes it’s just a matter of preference.

Its the same as how some men don’t enjoy porn either – so if she tells you she just doesn’t like it, take her on her word.

Gaming Vs Porn

If you’re still wondering which is worse, the answer is obvious: Porn is the clear winner!

For the most part, women tend to dislike the mainstream porn that appeals to men,

making it the biggest turn off out there.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, so don’t be surprised if your girlfriend asks you to watch it together.

And if you want to agree on a compromise, you can also find videos that would appeal to your better half.

As for gaming, so long as you don’t get too carried away, you can get the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, the moment you let it cut into your couple time, things will take a turn for the worse.

So keep that in mind before starting the next level, but if you have a gamer girlfriend, chances are, all your troubles will be over!


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What Kind Of Beard Do Women Love The Most? (It Might Not Be The One You Think)

It’s no secret that women love beards, but which ones? That is the question.

After all, just any style won’t do, and there are so many ways to get it wrong.

Many men fail to tap into their full potential simply because they have the wrong facial hair.

While some hear the word ‘beard’ and decide to go-all out ape-style, others maintain a clean-shaven look.

If you’re among those men who just don’t get what’s attractive to women, here’s your guide.

There are so many game changing styles you can try. Get it wrong though and your hidden potential will remain that way.

When selecting your very own beard, make sure that:

  • It’s not too much maintenance
  • It highlight’s your facial structure
  • It doesn’t become a little jungle

No woman wants a man whose beard could double up as a nest.

Always ensure that no matter what your cut, it remains well-groomed.

There are multiple styles you could try out to see which one works best.

1. The Stubble:

This is undoubtedly the safest look ever.

Most women would agree that light stubble is sexy and attractive.

After all, the clean shaven look may leave you with a baby-face, the light shave ensures that you aren’t sporting a mangled mess.

Image Credit

To accentuate the stubbled appearance, you can also contrast it with a clean shaven neck.

And just like that, watch yourself transform into a rough, sexy, yet neat looking guy.

And the best part – this look flies everywhere, even in the strictest workplace!

2. The Full Beard:

Now this may sound like a great excuse for working up that little utterly confusing jungle of yours, but it isn’t.

We aren’t talking ‘No Shave November’ here, but rather a neat looking, well groomed, full beard.

Image Credit

So it’s not as easy as just avoiding to shave – there is plenty that goes into it.

It can be of different lengths, but shorter is more advisable.

Not only will this be easier to manage, but also more attractive.

And the best part – grooming it right can make your face look sharper and more defined, allowing you to tap into that hidden potential we mentioned earlier.

3. The Light Beard:

This is the mid-way point between the stubble and the full beard, and it is perfect for the suit-and-tie occasions as well as for sporting a casual tee.

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Women find the rough and rugged look it imparts irresistible.

Men absolutely enjoy the easy maintenance of this type of beard.

Just to give you a little extra variety, you can always switch between the stubble and light beard.

4. The Goatee and ‘Stache:

Now if you’re looking for something a little more minimal, this has proved an extremely popular facial hair style.

It looks suave and elegant, sure to attract those women.

Moreover, it is also ideal for men with feminine jawlines – after all, these are the guys who have it the hardest.

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Where nothing else goes, this might just be the key.

So for all those guys out there who feel like a stubble just doesn’t cut it, try the goatee and mustache.

It elongates the face, giving off a more rugged vibe.

However, it all depends on how you wear it.

5. The Chinstrap:

This is the quintessential ‘douchebag’ beard.

A simple line highlighting the jawline, it definitely doesn’t work for all.

And if you’re wondering how it fares with women, that’s debatable as well!

While some would go head over heels for it, there are others who would simply steer clear.

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These are just a few of the popular styles out there – there are plenty more to experiment with.

Finding your ideal beard is a trial and error process, so don’t be afraid to try out different styles before settling on one.

Moreover, change is crucial to maintain a sense of adventure as well.

But if you’re wondering which one of these beards women find most attractive, that’s where the answers get a little complicated.

The stubble emerges as a strong contestant, but women tend to have varying preferences – just as all men don’t love the exact same beard.

While that 5 O’clock shadow might be a safe bet, something else might look even better on you – upping your sexiness appeal by a thousand.

However, if you’re still searching for the beard style that has most women tumbling over doe-eyed in love..

It’s clearly the rugged and masculine stubble that emerges a winner!


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How To Appear Confident Around Women – Simple Tips You Can Use Right Away

If you’re trying to impress a girl but just can’t seem to hit it off, there are some things you need to ask yourself.

Do you appear extremely clingy, or are you confident?

If you didn’t know already – neediness is never attractive.

And while we are at it, neither is constant anxiety, a pessimistic attitude, and over-the-top jealousy.

In this article we have some great tips for you so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

We want to ensure that you come across as a capable and confident man.

confidence with women
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When it comes to winning a woman over, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t do, and one of these is waste time.

Don’t shy away from approaching her and asking her out, because who knows, she might just agree!

Most women look out for confidence and self-assurance in a man, and that’s exactly what she sees when the man takes the first step.

Neediness, on the other hand, is a sign of under-confidence, and even lack of independence.

Why do you think more and more women find themselves attracted to the bad boys out there?

Some may say this is because of that thrill of adventure, while others believe it’s because women always love the idea of changing a man.

The thought of rescuing a man from this bad background and changing him for the better can be irresistible to the female rationale.

To all this, I call BS. The truth about the bad boy craze lies in their absolute confidence.

These are the men who are natural alphas, and as biology would have it, women’s survival instincts pushes them towards them.

While we are no longer threatened by extinction, you simply can’t go against years of evolution.

Moreover, confident men know just what they’re all about.

They love themselves, and women love them for that.

So let’s get it straight: Confidence is sexy.

After all, isn’t this the determining factor?

While a shy man may twiddle his thumbs in a corner, it is the confident man who will walk up to the woman and buy her a drink.

And at the end of the day, this is the man who will probably go home with her number.

There are of course, always exceptions to the rule.

But it’s better to make things happen for yourself instead of waiting for luck to help you out.

So if you’re looking to attract more women, here are some tips to remember.

These are sure to make you appear more confident (read, attractive) to the women you approach.

Image Credit

1. To begin with – approach the woman! A guy who makes the first move is obviously confident.

So walk up to her and begin talking a little, and you’ve got your ‘in’.

2. A little random banter never hurt anybody. So now that you’ve approached her, it’s time to interest her.

Talk about her, ask her questions, and find out her likes and dislikes.

Try to keep the conversation interesting, but just so you know, not all women will be impressed by your intensive knowledge about Star Wars.

So stick to more neutral territory, unless you discover similar interests – in which case being geeky doesn’t hurt either.

However, remember to be confident in your speech!

3. Even as you are talking, maintain eye-contact throughout.

Plenty of the conversations that take place between the two of you won’t be in words.

It doesn’t matter how utterly gorgeous she is, you are no less.

So maintain steady eye-contact throughout it all, but don’t stare too intently or else you will creep her (or anybody else) out.

4. And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to get a little flirty as well.

How else will she know that you’re really interested?

Compliment her on something, and a light brush on her hand might not be too much of a stretch either.

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But might we remind you, only continue if you are sure she is interested.

Is she hinting back at you, or does she look like she’d rather run?

Because if she isn’t interested, be confident enough to move on – no hard feelings.

5. And remember, being confident doesn’t mean being a control freak.

Instead, relax and let things go the way they do. All you have to do it remain self-assured.

So what if she made a little fun of your favorite game – laugh along, and don’t get too caught up.

Even if things aren’t going according to plan, nothing is ruined as yet, so just roll with it!

A confident person somehow exudes a sense of trustworthiness.

So it’s no wonder that these are the guys women generally tend to go out with.

With a little more faith in yourself, you too can join this elite group of men!