How to Turn Your Life Around When You Feel Needy and Depressed

It happens to all of us.

Relationships go wrong all the time.

The despair and emotions that come over you will seem like a powerful tidal wave of hopelessness.

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How to deal with waves of despair

Thoughts are strange things. The good news is they are just a thought and although they may seem to take over our entire being, they will pass.

One way to stop bad thoughts is to concentrate on something else. Gratitude is a great thing to focus on when the darkness comes. Write a list of ten things you are most grateful in your life.

Comparison can also be helpful. Think of how much worse so many people out there in the world have it vs you.

Listen to motivational videos like this one by Jocko Willink:

Dealing with loneliness after a breakup

When you lose someone close to you in your life the loneliness can be overwhelming.

This is normal, it happens not just to you but to a lot of people.

Here are some ideas of things to fill in those lonely times:

  • Find a bootcamp class in your area
  • Do a dance class (great way to meet girls)
  • Try brazillian jiu jitsu (gain confidence)
  • Join meetup and find some events around you
  • Catch up with old friends you haven’t seen for a long time

Quick fixes

  • Know that it will pass. Although the sorrow may overwhelm you it does go.
  • Talk to a close friend and tell them what you are going through.
  • Exercise however you can. Run, walk go to the gym.
  • Stay away from alcohol, drugs, and porn.

Lessons Learned

Take this as an opportunity to grow and learn. You might have messed it up this time, so take it on the chin. Learn from your mistakes and be a better person next time around.

  • What went wrong and why?
  • How can you do it better next time?


Take ownership of the mistakes you made but don’t dwell on them. What is done is done and you can look forward to making better choices down the track.

How To Message a Girl With No Bio on Tinder

Girls have it easy on Tinder. They can just upload a couple of pics, sit back and watch the matches come in without writing a thing.

For guys however, it is not so easy.

Anyway the trick that I have found is to either offer to write their bio for them in a teasing way, or just have fun with the lack of it and ask for more detail.

Then they start to tell you all about themselves and you can form a great connection with some funny banter back and forth.

Below is an actual example of how successful this approach can be.

Anyway this technique can be used time and time again on those with nothing, or next to nothing on their profiles.

Remember it is all about the banter on Tinder. Try not to be boring and if you want to get a few dates then try to make them laugh.

Do you have any proven techniques on Tinder you would like to share? Please let us know in the comments.

Nioxin Vs Rogaine – Which One is the Best?

If you are wondering about the difference between Nioxin and Rogaine don’t worry. You are not alone.

Hair loss is a natural and sometimes inevitable process of aging.

It can be a traumatic experience for men, and even more devastating for women.

For men, it can cause depression. Often it is a result of low testosterone and can be related to the reduction of male virility.

Modern advancements have made it possible to counter hair loss and many treatment options exist in the market.

Not all treatment options will meet your requirements and some even have the potential to increase risks and problems.

This is why you must carefully evaluate any hair loss product before use.

If you want to compare the pricing on each one and read real customer reviews here is the info around Nioxin.

And here is the information around Rogaine.

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Nioxin and Rogaine are the most popular products currently available in the market.

Here is a detailed Nioxin versus Rogaine hair treatment comparison.

Nioxin Hair Treatment

Nioxin has been around for decades (since 1987) and was found by Eva Graham after she experienced hair thinning following the birth of her first child.

Although the popular word is that Nioxin treats pattern bald, there are no such claims in the official website.

The product utilizes advanced technologies to result in thicker denser hair and makes the most of what already exists.

It basically involves 6 three-step hair care processes namely cleanser (Nioxin shampoo), scalp therapy (Nioxin conditioner) and Nioxin scalp treatment which remains after washing the hair.

Whichever method you choose will depend on how thin, coarse or chemically treated your hair is.

The top 5 benefits Nioxin claims to offer towards hair thickness include the following:

  • Reducing hair lost from breakage
  • Delivering denser-looking hair
  • Cleansing off excessive sebum from the scalp
  • Amplifying hair texture
  • Strengthening hair to prevent cuticle damage

Besides the 3-step systems, Nioxin offers a broad product range that includes hair masques, deep conditioners, styling products and a separate scalp therapy line for people with dandruff.

Nioxin essentially claims to remove debris and dandruff from the scalp thus creating a healthy hygienic environment that promotes hair growth.

It also provides various ingredients that focus on the hair leading to thicker denser hair.

Some of the ingredients include BioAMP®, Scalp Access® Delivery System, and Activ-Renewal®.

The ingredients list includes urtica dioica extracts and saw palmetto extracts.

These ingredients purportedly inhibit conversion of testosterone into DHT and DHT is known as the leading cause of pattern hair loss in males.

The treatment also mentions technologies such as BioAMP®, Activ-Renewal®, Scalp Access® and Delivery System.

In terms of effectiveness, many users claim that Nioxin treats pattern baldness although the official site has never made any claim for androgenetic alopecia treatment.

On the other side, there is limited data to support that Nioxin leads to thicker denser hair which is what they claim to do.

Rogaine Hair Treatment

In the Nioxin versus Rogaine hair treatment comparison, Rogaine has outperformed Nioxin in a number of areas.

Rogaine is relatively recent yet offers a much desirable solution for most men.

It is designed as a hair regrowth product which is the most sought solution compared to hair thickening that Nioxin provides.

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Rogaine is the first FDA-approved hair regrowth product existing in the market and comes in various labels that are meant for specific remedies.

You can choose the Rogaine unscented foam of Rogaine extra strength tropical solution for men.

The foam has no odor and dries quickly which makes it a daily routine use product.

The main ingredient in Rogaine hair treatment is minoxidil which is said to spur hair regrowth in a couple of weeks.

Rogaine enjoys much popularity for its approval and it was also clinically tested.

The results showed that it regrew hair in 9 out of 10 patients when used twice per day.

The Verdict

Both Nioxin and Rogaine are popular hair treatment options and since they are designed for different needs, adequate comparison is often difficult.

While Nioxin deals with hair thickening (thus more suitable for those with hair thinning issues), Rogaine is formulated for hair regrowth and befits those facing baldness.

However, Rogaine has more testimonials and data that depicts its effectiveness, something that Nioxin lacks.

Nonetheless, the two enjoy remarkable reception among users and have no negative reviews to tarnish their brands.

It is always advisable to purchase hair treatment products and services from credible licensed professionals allowed to operate within the area.

You can get either product via Amazon by clicking on the respective links above.

It is also recommended to visit a qualified doctor for examination and advice on the best products for your case.


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How to Put up with an Angry Girlfriend or Wife

First of all I am not saying that only females are crazy. My experience is more with crazy females vs crazy males so that is what I can write about.

If you have a lot of experience with crazy males, then feel free to tell us your story.

In the last decade or so I have been with a few woman who have verbally and emotionally attacked me.

Initially I was shocked by this and had no idea how to react however after several such experiences I began to try to reason and argue back.

Image: Flickr

This is what I have learned.

You will never be right in the heat of an argument

Try to understand that even if you are right, you are wrong. When someone is seeing red, they lose all perspective and only see themselves as being right.

They are aggrieved and you are the target and the cause of it all.

Separate mind from emotions

Meditation training can help with this one. It is important to try to distance yourself a little from the battle that is being raged in your mind.

Try not to be controlled by your emotions. Just observe for a while.

Sometimes silence can be the most powerful response of them all.

Get a diagnosis

Understand what you are dealing with.

If the lady you are dealing with is Bipolar, or is depressed maybe you need to take a look at yourself and try to rein in your frustrations and become more understanding.

Suggest that they see a Doctor and get some professional advice.

Don’t try to self diagnose behavior on Google.

Don’t be afraid to cut the chord

Sometimes things just are not meant to be.

If you really do not get on with the person you are meant to be in a relationship with, it could be time to part ways. Make a fresh start.

Perhaps you should think about not being in a relationship at all for a while.

How To Get Out of a Bad Relationship (Without Ruining Your Life)

Love can turn to hate.

A poor relationship is worse than single life.

When you are stuck in a relationship that is bad it can become soul destroying.

You don’t know what to do.

It is hard to see a way out.

How do I know all this? Well I have been stuck in more than my fair share of bad marriages and bad relationships. There have been times where I have needed to grow a pair of balls to get out of the situation.

Image: Flickr

Learn from my mistakes

Once bitten twice shy is not just a phrase from years gone past. It is a sentence to live by.

Ideally you would not get into a relationship that was crappy in the first place. But I get it. She smiles at you, lures you into bed and before you know it you are buying house together.

Plan your exit strategy

It’s very important to proceed with patience and a cool head. If you lose it right now it could be destructive both financially and emotionally.

You need to keep a cool demeanour and plan ahead.

Start sorting out your financial situation. Make sure you don’t leave yourself open especially if you have joint accounts and credit cards.

Figure out where you are going to live, and where is she going to live.

Open your own bank account, in your name only, and make sure you have enough put aside to keep things going for at least a month should your joint accounts become frozen.

How to do it on the day

Make sure you are sober and well rested before you go ahead with a life changing event.

As bad as it might sound you really need to make sure your plan is in order. Would a ship sail without a course to navigate?

Tell her you need to talk and don’t make it an option.

Explain to her the main issue(s) and why you are leaving. (note how this is not a maybe thing, you need to be concise and explain exactly what is happening)

Pack your things up and leave.

That is it.


Does Your Girlfriend Drive You Crazy? (You are not alone!)

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.
― Madonna

You only need to type in something about your crazy girlfriend and how she is driving you insane to be met with millions of search results.


These issues have been discussed by armchair experts on sites like Reddit, and Quora for years. Here is one of my favorite answers to this kind of question.

Why is it that woman drive men so mad?

More often than not, the really crazy ones, have some kind of mental disorder. Here are some of the most common:

  • BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder

When someone goes into a dark place they become consumed with everything that is happening within their minds. This can make it extremely challenging for their partner whom is trying to give any kind of support.

Often the woman may never be completely cured and at best the problem can be managed.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

Don’t get sucked in by good looks

Don’t be fooled by that pretty smile.

Unless you are really into self punishment remember the golden rule:

Average looks and sane beats hot and crazy any day of the week.

If it is too late for you and you are stuck in bad relationship then it is time to start thinking about an exit strategy.

I created this site to help men. There are more than enough resources for woman out there but men really are the forgotten gender when it comes to support and help.

So with that in mind I give this last bit of advice.

Be extremely careful before embarking on a relationship with a woman that has a serious mental disorder.

How to Deal with a Disrespectful Woman (Proven method)

Part of not being needy includes not letting the woman that you love disrespect you.

Once they smell the blood of neediness a woman can be ruthless to a man. If they think that they can get away with treating you like dirt, unfortunately they will.

But don’t worry there is a way to fight back.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

Here is our 3-part method to how to treat disrespect:

When your lady says something disrespectful to you, the first thing you need to do is to fight the urge to respond back.

1 – Don’t answer

There is a saying that states “Silence is worth a thousand words”. Answer the disrespectful statement with nothing except a chilling silence and then move onto step number 2.

2 – Stare

Stare at them with a cold look. Don’t smile, don’t get aggro, just calmly hold eye contact with the witch for a few seconds and then move onto the next step.

2 – Leave

Whereever you are, unless of course it is impossible to, get up and walk away.

No man deserves to be treated like a piece of rubbish.

I have had woman in the past talk to me in a manner that they would not even use on an enemy. It is important to point out that it is definitely not OK and let them know if that is the way they want to speak to you, then you will not be there to listen to it.

Sometimes I have made the mistake of getting mad and yelling or showing that I am upset. That is not the answer as it shows that you are weak and they have an effect on how you feel as a man.

Sometimes you need to act like who you want to be, not what you feel inside.

Training a human being is very much like training an animal or a small child. It will need repetitive reinforcement to work. So the next time it happens, simply rinse and repeat.

If you have another method you either plan to, or have used before please share with us.

Why Do Women Change After Time in a Relationship?

Whether it’s your wife that changed after you married her, or the girlfriend you have been dating for six months. One thing is clear – that woman from the first date, is very different to tho the one you are with now.

Why is this?

Why do women change and is there anything we can do about it?

The five steps of relationship change

Unfortunately we don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up, however these are the stages that we have certainly experienced ourselves, and heard about from others.

Month 1-3 “Interest”

This is what is known as the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship. No angry tirades. Jealousy and neediness have not yet kicked in, and everything is great.


Month 3-6 “Trap Set – The Bait”

By the time month 3 is up, the woman has her hook dangling around in front of the unsuspecting man with a big piece of juicy bait just begging to be eaten. The writing as they say.. is on the wall.

She is still the sweet nice girl you met back in the first month although things may seem a little more strained at times, compared to the early days of your dating.

Month 6-12 – “Hooked”

Often the woman will be starting to feel pretty comfortable with where she is at in the relationship by month 6 or 7. What this means for you unfortunately is that the truth is going to be slowly unraveled in front of your very eyes.

That pretty stress free girl that was understanding each time you went out with your friends, and never seemed to get angry will slowly begin to reveal her true colors to you.

This is the time to escape if you can.

She has you hooked.

1 Year plus – “Reeled in”

Everything has changed. You are now like a reeled in fish, twitching around on the ground gasping for life.

You now know exactly who you are in a relationship with.

For many, it is too late.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

This may come much later in the relationship, especially if she is trying to get a ring on her finger. Some guys have been dating their girls for years before they show their true colors.

Only one thing is sure, sooner or later the truth will be revealed.

How can we turn back the clock?

Life is about choices.

No-one held a gun to your head and forced you into the relationship you now find yourself in. This leaves us a few options and here they are.

  • Do nothing
  • Change the relationship
  • End the relationship

This may be a tough choice to make, but you know more than anyone, it needs to be made.

If you choose to do nothing, you might as well stop complaining about the problem and just get used to it.

To change the relationship may be tricky, but if she is open to a discussion on the problems, you may get somewhere with that.

Otherwise it may be a good decision to end the relationship.

What are you going to do?

What Does Needy Mean in a Relationship?

Insecurity, jealousy and neediness wrap together into a toxic relationship killing formula. What may be a strong bond between a man and a woman will wither and die over time if it is fed little else except the poison of neediness.

What are the signs of neediness in a relationship?

It’s pretty easy to spot the signs of neediness when you take a step back and look at them. If you are the needy person however, it may be difficult for you to come to terms with exactly what is going on.

Insecure behavior

Most of us have felt insecure in a relationship at some time or another. It’s when you feel unsettled and worried that your partner might not be that happy with you – maybe they will run off with someone else or are secretly flirting with another person.

Image: flickr
Image: flickr

That’s what insecurity is, but insecure behavior is the manifestation of those fears into your relationship.

Examples of this include questioning about where someone was, who they were with and what they were doing. This shows distrust – unless you are only asking out of interest.

Lets imagine your partner works late at the office one night. Showing insecure behavior would be if you were grilling your partner about who else was at the office and what exactly was going on. Trust and security is just accepting that they were working overtime and leaving it at that.

Worrying about it, and quizzing someone needlessly is not going to help except to weaken your stature in your partners eyes.

Self confidence and security are attractive qualities. Insecure behavior and an obvious lack of confidence is simply not attractive.

Only focusing on the other person and not your own life

Have you given up your friends and hobbies so you can just focus on your relationship?

Well that is a very bad idea!

Spying on your partner

If you have the urge to check your partners phone, and spy on them when you are not with them – then you have a major problem.

This is not normal behavior and you should stop doing that right now.

Yes logging in and checking their email account when they are not around is bad – very bad.

Social media stalking

Are you worried about every new Facebook friend your partner is adding to their friends list?

Do you wonder who exactly they spend their time chatting to on social media?

These are sure signs of needy behavior and if you don’t want to be needy, then stop them.

Mastering Needy Behavior

Now here is the thing, it is possible to be a bit needy inside, but not actually show that you are needy. To accomplish this you need to learn to shut up whenever your mouth tries to burst out something needy.

By acting in a confident manner, your life will improve so much that you will actually become more confident.

Tell us about your neediness or your partners?

How to deal with a Crazy Bitch so you don’t lose your Mind

I know what it’s like – you just want to chill out.

You have had a long day, everything is cool, why mess with that stuff right?

Wrong, you are with the woman from hell and she is here to mess your shit up, make you angry and probably try to prove that you are wrong about something you don’t even realize you did.

Well here’s the thing..

You can either put up with her shit, bend over and take it like a sissy bitch. Or you can stand up to this shit and put her in her goddamn rightful place.

No one has the right to come after you when you have done nothing wrong. Not your girlfriend, your mother, her mother, no one.

Image: flickr
Image: flickr

How to deal with a crazy bitch that is messing with your mind

The other night I went out with my lady to a friends house for dinner. I drove and didn’t drink much at the house, so I could remain sober for the drive home.

Good man.. responsible right?

Well.. we get home, things are a little messy in the house, stuff needs tidying up (because of the kids). All good we get on that.

Meanwhile I open some wine and are having a drink, as hardly drank whilst we were out.

Eventually she called me down for bed asking for a cup of tea – which I made. I went down wine in hand and she had a problem.

“I don’t like the smell of that wine.” she said.

Well tough shit I am thinking I just took you out for the night, we got home, everythings cool.. I even made you a cup of tea.

Too bad – she had an evil glint in her eye, was on her period and just didn’t much like me round right then. So fine.

Take a stand

Refusing to be treated like a second class citizen of a third world country I just left the room, went back upstairs and poured an even bigger glass of wine.


Because you don’t have to put up with this stuff. If you are a decent man, if you do the right thing by your family and your girlfriend and look after stuff overall you are in a powerful place.

Hint: if you are not a decent man and you don’t do all that stuff… meh.. probably this is not going to work for you.

Anyway some tips on dealing with that crazy bitch calling you out:

Call their bluff, sooner or later you will probably get a text or she will call you back down for some more punishment. Be very careful with the answer.

Make sure you don’t do what she wants and tell her you need a bit of chill out time on your own for a bit.

Now here is the thing, a needy man might just go running straight back to her and his life experiences will actually change because of that.

You must not pander to them, if they treat you like crap then make them face the same treatment and see what it is like.

It will be the hardest thing you ever do.

Honestly though, it is just not healthy to let yourself be treated like anything other than a valuable human being so don’t let anyone get away with mistreatment here.

My recommendations in these circumstances are:

  • Don’t pander to them
  • Do what you want to do
  • Ignore the guilt trips
  • Be prepared to follow through and walk away

At the end of the day these ladies will take your heart, they will confuse you and make you mess up lots of shit. But they don’t have your soul unless you give it to them.

Don’t give any lady your heart unless she treats you with respect.